Pure Mountain Chocolate Making Day

Before the winter season began , we were busy hand-making the yummiest of chocolates for our guests staying in our catered chalets for Christmas, New Year and half term. Jim’s sister Ibby runs Ibby’s Chocolate Kitchen. She sources the finest quality chocolate and makes the most delicious caramel toffee filling, producing some of the best chocolates known to man (I kid you not). We are so in love with Ibby’s chocolates, that we thought it would be nice for some of our guests to try them too! Thus was born the Pure Mountain Chocolate Making Day, which has become an annual outing in late November.

chocolate making for Pure Mountain

Ibby always greets us with a wonderful coffee, then we get straight to it, tempering the chocolate, cutting the toffee filling, dipping into the melted chocolate then decorating. Each chocolate takes us minutes to make, so the chocolate making course is a full day’s work and a labour of love, sweetened of course by the odd break for quality control! We use all of Ibby’s ingredients and operate under her instruction, so the chocolates always taste superb, even if they looked a little less than perfect!


Hope you enjoyed them!