New swimming pools near Les Gets

With the weather being so hot and sunny, we’ve been trying out the new pools in the area to keep our body temperatures down and Lucas out of trouble!
Aquariaz water park


First on our list was the newly opened Aquariaz at Avoriaz. Priced at €8/adult (and free if you upgrade to a Multipass Premium), it’s inexpensive and is a great activity for younger children.

There’s a fun slide there which uses an inflatable, a large pool with a climbing wall and ropes to swing on, a fantastic ‘water tree’ area for younger children to play around in which includes slides, countless things that go splash and water guns, ensuring that no passing adult remains dry for long.

Young children like Lucas (2 years old) have a splashy water area too, and there are even cots if your very little child wants to sleep through the excitement.Aquariaz at Avoriaz

There’s a ‘river’ which has a gentle current, and 2 indoor jacuzzis. All this is housed in a great bio dome, with 260 species of plants – imagine the Eden Project with water instead of paths and you’ll have the right idea.

Then there’s the large outdoor jacuzzi, which boasts the fabulous views of Avoriaz’ clifftop position.

We’d definitely recommend Aquariaz, though it’s probably more suited to younger teenagers and under. Also, with it being a 45min drive away, you do need your own car to access it.



Morzine now has an indoor and outdoor pool which are connected. The new indoor pool has a teaching pool for children and beginners, a main swimming pool and a large shallow area for babies that’s warmer than the other pools, as well as 3 saunas and 2 steam baths.

The huge glass pannels in the wall open out to steps which take you down to the outdoor area. Morzine swimming poolAgain, there’s a main swimming pool, a shallower pool that’s also nice to paddle in and a splashy area with a small water slide, ideal for young children.

The Morzine pool is free for anyone who has the MultiPass Premium, otherwise it’s €4/adult. Accessible from Les Gets by bus, taking about 15 mins to get there.

With the Les Gets lake and Lake Montriond to choose from too (where you can light up for a BBQ lunch), we know we’re spoilt for choice, and are trying to make the most of every sunny day.