Pass’Portes du Soleil 2011

It’s that time of year folks – with the long, bleak month of January behind us and the promise of spring next month, it’s time to sign-up to the biggest and best mountain bike adventure in Europe: The Pass’Portes du Soleil.

The Pass’Portes is a MTB trek that takes place in the Alps every year. Here are the vital stats for the 2011 event:

  • Pass'Portes du Soleil 2011Takes place June 24th, 25th and 26th
  • 80 km circuit (50 miles)
  • 14 lifts
  • Range in altitude: 1000-2250m
  • 7000m of downhill
  • 1000m of uphill
  • Optional Cross-Country and Downhill variants
  • 8 refreshment points where you can eat your fill of local foods
  • Ride through 9 different resorts in France and Switzerland
  • Special kid’s trek for 9-14 year olds lead by qualified instructors

For the duration of the event the Pass’Portes Bike show will be help in Les Gets this year, so our new summer chalet will be in the ideal position to make the most of the event. Plus, we’re running a special offer for those coming out just for the Pass’Portes.

The subscription fee (€45) is for a day’s participation, though you can choose to ride on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday (they’ve added an extra day this year as it’s so popular). It’s an absolute bargain, as it includes your lift-pass, number plate, all refreshments, a ‘Portes du Soleil present’ and a token for a free PDS lift-pass in summer 2011 or winter 2011/12. Try and beat that for value! There are also optional extras available, like a guided night ride using Spanninga torches (€5pp; very limited places; torches supplied), and various other promos.

So, for those who are thinking of participating, registration opens on 10th February, at 9am UK time.
Don’t miss out!

Register here (the official Pass’Portes website).
Download the 2011 Circuit (PDF)

…And by the way, if you’re into your biking and the great outdoors, you may also be angry that the government is considering selling off our national forests. Using this website, it’s really easy to contact your MP (it literally takes a minute), or sign the petition (or both!)