One life. One dream. One piece.

We had many unforgettable weeks last season, but one in particular sticks in our memory: Colin and his fine company of friends brought with them a particularly tasty example of a one piece ski suit (the same colours as a pack of fluorescent highlighters). In the spirit of 80s fashion and with admirable enthusiasm, the one piece was worn on the slopes and turned many a head that week (surprise? wonder? envy?).

We loved it so much that the group decided to leave the one piece in our care, on the proviso that the garment itself would live on: our mission was – and still is – to get other people to wear it until we find a new owner, who will keep the dream alive, and keep wearing the one piece. There is a facebook group (One Piece Dreams) which tracks the progress of the one piece… would you like to be the new owner?

Below is a video of all the guests who dressed up, did their hair, grew out their mustaches and wore the one piece with pride. We take our woolly hats off to them for their courage, determination and stamina – it takes a lot to ski in full sun wearing a 100% nylon suit.