Beginner-ski-slope-in-Les-GetsLes Gets places great emphasis on the safety of children learning to ski in a fun and social environment. In fact, the resort has recently obtained the ‘P’tits Montagnards’ standard by Ski France Organisation, which requires that an extremely high level of care is given to the welcome, safety and well-being of children on holiday here.

Children aged 3-4 can enroll with the snow garden, and join “Club Piou Piou”. Half the time is spent learning how to ski in a really fun environment, and the rest is spent playing indoors and outdoors. “Ourson” is the next level up for children aged 4-5. Here, children go up the red bubble lift to the magic carpet and beginner area. More on Club Piou Piou and Ourson.

This beginner area has 4 lifts, well groomed pistes and a technical area that’s themed like the wild west (!), where children are guided over bumps, narrow runs and banked corners, finishing up in a tipi!! Conveniently, this area is near the top of the Chavannes bubble lift, so meeting up for lunch is easy peasy, and there’s no need to travel all the way back down the mountain.

The resort has a weekly calendar of events designed to keep your children entertained, and there is a ‘petit train’ which runs through the resort from the Chavannes lifts to the Mont Chery area. Boop boop!


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