Staff jolly

Since our staff have been working so hard keeping our guests content and happy, we decided that they deserved a really special day off. And what better way to relax and take some time out, then to visit a top Italian spa!

pre st didierSo after making a sneaky getaway from Lucas (thanks Grandma and Grandad), we picked them up from their apartment, with Eddie fresh from bed and still in his jimjams!

Just the other side of the Mont Blanc tunnel lies the little town of Pre St Didier, nestled between mountains with fantastic views of Mont Blanc. The sleepy little town is easy to miss (in fact, we drove straight past it the first time!), but its renowned Roman Spa makes it a must for anyone driving past with a little time on their hands and a willingness to let life stand still for a few hours.

hot tub with viewWe spent an indulgent 4 hours in the countless saunas, some with lavender ice baths – (Emma’s favourite), jaccuzzis – some with music (Jim’s favourite) some super hot with awesome views (Cat’s favourite), warm outdoor pools, massaging waterfalls (Josh’s favourite), foot & leg spas and chill out areas!!

Happily, our staff were thrilled with the treat, though Jim was less impressed with the lack of mayo or indeed any dipping sauce for the breadsticks, carrots and celery in the all-day buffet!

Snow jumpingEmma, Eddie, Josh and Dan even dared to roll in the snow then jump back into the hot jaccuzzi, though after a few minutes poor Eddie still felt his skin burning!!!

Back in resort, we’d apparently missed an amazing day skiing – there had been another dump of snow the night before and the skies had been clear for much of the day. We were so relaxed though, that we really didn’t mind.