Training week… tick!

Our resort manager Clare has come up with this blog (the first of many) after our training week earlier in December. The chalets are in full swing now, and the snow is falling thickly!

Clare’s News
We’ve been having fun and games as the whole team gets to know one another and learn the ropes in order to have a brilliant winter ski season.

I’m pleased to say that we can now all find our way to the airport in the minibus. We drove to collect Cat and Lucas who had sensibly flown over from the UK instead of driving all the way from Swindon like the rest of us. The long journey from home was good fun, although we did decide the music choice was somewhat random (Cat’s old tape collection bundled into a carrier bag and thrown in the van at the last minute!!)

Back in the chalet, our chalet hosts Dan, Emma and Josh whipped up a storm in the kitchen.

Learning the ropes for this winter ski season

Jim couldn’t resist an opportunity to get back amongst the pots and pans. Well to be accurate he wanted to make sure his recipes were created properly.

Meanwhile, Cat was refining our cleaning skills – you’d never believe how much effort goes into the cleanliness of the bathrooms and kitchens, well maybe you would if you came to stay…!

Training for the winter ski season

After all our hard work cleaning the bathrooms, it seemed only fair that we should test the cooking skills of our hosts, and they definitely pass the test – everything was absolutely yummy!

Time out saw everyone on the slopes, even Emma having her first lesson where natural talent shone forth. Dan was on his board, with Ed, Josh and I preferring to ski. A brilliant first few days – watch this space for the next installment.